Advance Science Cart

The Science Cart - a cost-effective and mobile solution to the absence of a laboratory or funds to establish
one - provides an integrative approach to teaching science and includes equipment as well as technology.
It can easily be stored away when not used, or moved from class to class as needed.

Tablet storage solutions

The use of expensive equipment, such as tablets in schools can present a security risk. SmartLabs’s solutions address this without the need of costly security measures. Purchasing a cart or case to securely house your IT equipment is considerably more affordable than installing a conventional security system.

Gratnells storage solutions

View all Gratnells range of storage trays, furniture and systems – including specialist science storage – for Secondary schools and Academies.

Education driven by Technology

Welcome to the home of SmartLabs, one of the leading scientific school equipment suppliers in sub-Saharan Africa. We offer a large supply of locally and internationally sourced products to private and public schools in order to make teaching easier.

Establishing traditional science and computer labs is a high expense that most South African schools are unable to budget for, especially public schools. Our products offer a cost-effective solution to creating student-centric learning environments. Our products include mobile Science Carts, as well as an array of quality lab equipment that enable teachers to make their lessons more engaging and interactive for their students. Apart from this, we also manufacture and source IT storage solutions, including Carts for laptops and tablets, as well as storage lockers.

CSI Projects

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving education for all students in sub-Saharan Africa, SmartLabs proudly assists companies and organisations with their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) by providing needs analysis and lab equipment supply services.

About Us

SmartLabs was founded in 2008 when a father and son entrepreneur duo recognised a need in the South African schooling system for educational software.



SmartLabs is proud to announce the release of our new science product catalogue.