As part of our ongoing commitment to improving education for all students in sub-Saharan Africa, SmartLabs proudly assists companies and organisations with their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) by providing needs analysis and lab equipment supply services. The difference is that we don’t simply supply them with educational equipment. We oversee the entire project, determining the needs of the schools that our clients wish to help and then coming up with the best possible solutions to meet those needs and how they can be implemented. If you’re interested in partnering with us in your next CSI project, please contact us.

Laptop Cart Solution

The Laptop Carts are used in educational and training establishments where numerous laptops are integrated into a multifunctional classroom, allowing students to work from wireless workstations as well as enabling the sharing of the resources between classrooms.

Science Cart Solution

SmartLabs’s Science Cart is a self-contained teaching platform from which the teacher can illustrate experiments. The integrated audio and visual components are used to present animated or pre-recorded experiments in a safe and comfortable environment. The Science Cart allows schools to integrate the advantages of technology into the classroom in a cost-effective way.

Tablet Cart Solution

Tablets have many key features that schools can take advantage of, such as having the ability to store multiple textbooks on one small device. SmartLabs aims to make this technology more practical in an educational environment by manufacturing Tablet Carts for the safe storage, simultaneous charging and easy transportation of these devices.



SmartLabs has a complete portfolio, programme, and project management toolset for successfully delivering projects in any industry. The SmartLabs Methodology was developed and refined on dozens of projects from a variety of sectors including mining, IT, manufacturing, CSI,USO, financial services, and telecommunications. The most important feature of SmartLabs's Project Management method is that it caters for projects both from the seller and the buyer’s perspective i.e., both the client and the contractor can use our method to manage their projects.

SmartLabs Project Managment  has a dual purpose.  It is firstly a toolbox that can be used by an individual Project Manager to manage projects in an organization, even if the organization is not very mature and for the more mature company doing innovative CSI projects and USO projects.


We handle the process for you from planning to closure with step by step assistance, reporting and full project management. 



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