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Biochemistry Student Set

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Molymod® Biochemistry Student Set

The Molymod MMS-010 biochemistry molecular model set for students in grades 7-12 includes 72 color-coded plastic atom parts and 50 links in a storage box. The set provides students a hands-on activity to visually demonstrate concepts of biochemistry and biochemical structures including amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, purines, pyrimidines, glycerides and phospholipids. Hydrogen atoms with two holes depict hydrogen bonding. The atom parts and links for assembling models are made from durable plastic and are color coded to national standards for ease of identification. Atom parts range from 17mm to 23mm in diameter and represent carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. It comes with 40 medium length grey links, 10 flexible long grey links, and instructions. The kit comes in a plastic box for ease of storage.

  • (21) Black carbon atom parts: (9) trigonal, (12) tetrahedral
  • (13) Red oxygen atom parts: (2) single hole, (11) two-hole angular
  • (25) White hydrogen atom parts: (22) single hole, (3) two-hole linear
  • (11) Blue nitrogen atom parts: (2) two-hole angular, (6) trigonal, (3) tetrahedral
  • (1) Yellow two-hole angular sulfur atom part
  • (1) Purple tetrahedral phosphorus atom part
  • (40) Medium length grey links
  • (10) Flexible long grey links
  • Storage box
  • Instructions

The Molymod® system is the original, unique, dual-scale system of high quality low-cost molecular models. These enormously popular sets are ideal for college use but are also used by scientists all over the world.

Important notice: Molymod® atomic and molecular model products are not toys! They are intended for use as a scientific educational aid only, and consequently are not suitable for children less than 10 years of old.

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