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Hoffman Voltameter

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R 220.00
R 220.00 - R 1,210.00
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Hoffman Voltameter

The Hoffman electrolysis apparatus with PTFE stopcock for mess free filling and draining is made of borosilicate 3.3 grade glass and includes the apparatus itself, 2 platinum electrodes in rubber stoppers, and 2 carbon electrodes in rubber stoppers. When paired with a clamp and stand this apparatus provides an effective and quantifiable method by which to perform electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen.

For the demonstration of the chemical composition of water by volume and the electrochemical equivalent of hydrogen by electrolysis of water. Platinum electrodes mounted in rubber stoppers are used for the electrolysis of acidified water but carbon electrodes must be used for ammonia solutions or hydrochloric acid (or another chloride containing solution). Stopcock and reservoir at apex of outer tubes and inner tube respectively. Outer limbs graduated 0-50 x 0.2 ml.


  • CH0740C: Electrode Carbon (pair)
  • CH0740D: Electrode Platinum (pair)
  • CH0740F: Hoffman Voltameter Stand