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Microslides® are a sets of 8 related 35mm images, as photographed through a microscope, to be viewed through a Microslide® Viewer (EDU-505). Arrows and callouts help the students locate important features being studied. Accompanied by a detailed text folder designed to stimulate, inform and question the students about the topic. Each text folder has a handy pocket to store the Microslides®.

Sets include the follwoing Titles all in Packs of 10 sets: 

  • Helpful Bacteria 
  • Harmful Bacteria 
  • Five Kingdoms of Life 
  • Cells of Plants 
  • Cells of your Body 
  • Ultra Structure of Animal Cells
  • Cell Membrane
  • Animal Tissue set , Muscle and Bones
  • Plant Mitosis 
  • The Circulatory System 
  • Animal Parasites of Man
  • The Respiratory System
  • Nutrition 
  • Smoking and Health 
  • AIDS
  • The Leaf of a Flowering Plant 
  • Lesson Set - Immunity 
  • Human Diseases