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MolyMod 22 Layer miniDNA

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R 775.79
R 775.79 - R 1,730.58
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MolyMod miniDNA

The advanced miniDNA® models can be displayed on their stands or unzipped into a ladder form to demonstrate the process of Replication.  A similar approach can be taken with the two DNA kits to model the process of DNA Replication. Contains 12 base pairs comprising:6 Thymine (T) Orange,6 Adenine (A) Blue,6 Guanine (G) (green),6 Cytosine (C) (yellow),Side Chain: 24 Deoxyribose (red),24 Phosphate (purple),1 Model Stand (light brown), Supporting Rod (grey),11 Spacers,1 Cap (black),1 Assembly leaflet.

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