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Molymod - Inorganic / Organic Teacher set

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Molymod - Inorganic / Organic Teacher set

The Molymod MMS-004 organic and inorganic molecular model set for teachers includes 108 color-coded plastic atom parts, 18 lone pairs, and 86 bonds in a storage box. This set provides teachers with a hands-on activity to visually demonstrate inorganic molecules, empirical formula representations, organic structures, and other concepts of inorganic and organic chemistry. The atom parts, lone pairs, and links are made from durable plastic and easy to identify by standard color-coding. Atom parts range from 17mm to 23mm in diameter and represent carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, halogen, phosphorus, and metal. It comes with 18 lone pair paddles, 36 flexible bonds, 40 rigid bonds, a storage box, and instructions.

  • (20) black carbon atom parts: (14) tetrahedral, (6) trigonal bipyramidal
  • (22) red oxygen atom parts: (16) angular divalent, (6) tetrahedral
  • (14) white hydrogen atom parts: (12) monovalent, (2) linear divalent
  • (13) yellow sulfur atom parts: (8) angular divalent, (4) tetrahedral, (1) octahedral
  • (10) blue nitrogen atom parts: (6) tetrahedral, (4) pyramidal
  • (7) purple phosphorus atom parts: (4) tetrahedral, (1) trigonal bipyramidal, (2) pyramidal
  • (8) green monovalent halogen atom parts
  • (14) grey metal atom parts: (4) monovalent, (2) angular divalent, (2) trigonal planar, (4) tetrahedral, (1) octahedral
  • (12) Lone pair 2D paddles: (6) pink, (6) purple
  • (6) beige lone pair electrons
  • (38) medium-length 31mm grey links
  • (36) long flexible 46mm grey links
  • (12) medium-length 31mm purple links
  • Storage box
  • Instructions

The Molymod® system is the original, unique, dual-scale system of high quality low-cost molecular models. These enormously popular sets are ideal for college use but are also used by scientists all over the world.

Important notice: Molymod® atomic and molecular model products are not toys! They are intended for use as a scientific educational aid only, and consequently are not suitable for children less than 10 years of old.

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