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Power Supply Variable 0-25V 8.5A

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Power Supply Variable 0-25V

A popular, advanced, continuously-variable power supply unit with LED digital display, the Edu-Lab College Power Supply Unit is ideal for demonstration purposes and for use by students in advanced level courses. It provides a fine and smooth, continuously-variable AC or DC voltage at a combined maximum current of 8.5A. The DC is smoothed by an internal 2200µF capacitor. AC or DC voltage reading is selected by a toggle switch and indicated by a bright green, easy-to-read 12.5mm LED display. Microprocessor tripping circuitry will differentiate between a real short-circuit or a temporary current surge.


  • Output Voltage continuously variable by rotary knob from 0 to 25V
  • Continuously rated combined current of 8.5A, AC or DC
  • Heavy-duty 40A Schottky barrier diodes employed for rectification, together with high performance toroidal transformer, reduce the weight of the power supply and power waste - thus eliminating the need for a noisy and troublesome cooling fan.
  • Digital display for voltage for AC or DC, selected by toggle switch
  • Fully protected secondary by high speed, resettable microprocessor-controlled trip.
  • Slow-blow fuse-protection for primary.
  • Thermal fuse protection for transformer.
  • Dimensions: 300 x 115 x 155mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 5.5kg