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Capillary Tube Apparatus

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Capillary Tube Apparatus

This Capillary Tubes Apparatus is perfect for demonstrating the relationship between capillary pressure and the bore diameter of the capillary tube.

The apparatus is comprised of a metal frame arrangement with a base trough, an upper part of the frame that supports six capillary tubes, six bore holes fitted with corks, and six capillary tubes. The trough is filled with water and the difference in heights of the resulting columns of water in the tubes is readily apparent.

Outer diameter and inner diameter of each tube: tube 1: 8mm OD, 4mm ID. Tube 2: 7mm OD, 2mm ID. Tube 3: 8mm OD, 3mm ID. Tube 4: 6mm OD, 1mm ID. Tube 5: 8mm OD, 2mm ID. Tube 5: 5mm OD, 1mm ID.

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