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Haemocytometer Counting Chamber - Neubauer Improved

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Counting Chamber - Neubauer Improved

A hemocytometer also known as a haemocytometer or a cell counting chamber, is a device used for determining the number of cells per unit volume of a suspension is called a counting chamber. The most widely used type of chamber is called a hemocytometer, since it was originally designed for performing blood cell counts.

Grid is the same as the grid in the centre of large square in the Neubauer chamber. The area of the small square is 0.0025 mm². Individually packed in transparent plastic box. Counting grids are structured into two ground and polished surfaces on the central stage (= chamber bottom). This central stage is located between two elevated also ground and polished stages.

Bright line:
Counting chambers with bright lines have counting grids which are structured into a very thin, transparent metal coating. The bright lines contrast well with the dark metallic background and this facilitates evaluating cell suspensions.

Supplied with the 2 cover slips

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