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Electrostatics Kit

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Electrostatics Kit

A comprehensive kit, ideal for a group of students to investigate the concepts of electrostatics.Designed around dual-purpose electroscope, which enables comparative measurements of the weak electrostatic fields apart from the qualitative aspect of electrostatic charges.

The kit includes:


  •  Electroscope with disc electrode x 1 Set
  •  Metalized Polystyrene Spheres x 4
  •  Nylon Thread x 1 Reel
  •  Electrophoru x 1
  •  Proof Plane x 1
  •  Wire Stirrup, for suspending strips x 1
  •  Aluminium Cans, 50×25mm (height × diameter) x 2
  •  Polythene Tiles 75mm Square x 2
  •  Polythene Strip, 150×25mm x 1
  •  Woolen Cloth, 250mm Square x 1
  •  Silk Cloth, 250mm Square x 1
  •  Glass Rod x 1