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Force,Motion & Dynamics Kit

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Force, Motion & Dynamics Kit

A completely self contained kit with all the necessary components needed for studying the concept of force and motion. The Force, Motion and Dynamics kit helps the user to extend investigations into motion, pendulums, collisions, momentum and dynamic forces.The mechanics of motion, including Newton’s Laws of Motion, motion with and without friction, elastic and inelastic collisions between two trolleys, kinetic energy and the change of momentum between the two trolleys and investigation of variable inertia etc. can be studied using this kit A variety of experiments can be performed using the Force, Motion and Dynamics Kit.

1. Understanding the behaviour of motion
2. Acceleration along an inclined plane
3. Concept of equilibrium
4. Newton’s laws of motion
5. Laws of friction
6. Motion with and without friction
7. Dynamics problems
8. Effect of different accelerating forces on different masses
9. Elastic and inelastic collisions
10. Determination of acceleration due to gravity
11. Investigation of variable inertia

The kit includes the following:

  • 1 x Ticker timer
  • 1 x Plastic moulded trolley (simple)
  • 1 x Plastic moulded trolley (spring loaded)
  • 4 x Trolley weight
  • 10 x 10g masses
  • 20 x Carbon Disc
  • 5 x Tape for ticker timer
  • 1 x Spirit level
  • 1 x Graduated force board with legs
  • 2 x Pulleys 2
  • 11 x Cotton thread reel
  • 3 x Hooks 3
  • 3 x Spring balances
  • Pendulim Bob
  • Pendulim Bob Support


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