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Microscope, Stereo Binocular 10-40x, LED

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Stereo Binocular Microscope 10-40x Magnification

Binocular Stereo Microscoper with 10x to 40x magnification and LED illumination.

It is ideal to use a stereo microscope when observing or studying specimens that cannot be place on a microscope slide or should be observed while being investigated or dissected.  Clear plastic or glass petri dishes are great for viewing live or messy objects with a stereo microscope because they fit well on the stage and keep everything adequately contained. The suggestions below are just a few things you can use petri dishes to view with your stereo microscope. Place the item or items to be viewed in the bottom of a petri dish and position it on the stage plate of your microscope. Use top or bottom lighting.

  • Observe the habits of live insects.
  • Study a shallow dish of pond water, daphnia, or brine shrimp.
  • Examine a soil sample to see the different materials that comprise it.
  • Make a simple prepared slide of sand, hair, thread, salt, or something else by sticking it to a piece of clear tape and viewing it specimen side up.
  • Dissect a flower to learn about the beauty and intricacies of all its parts.
  • Compare the types of minerals and crystals in different rock specimens.


  • Objectives 1X and 4X
  • Working Distance: 1X-81mm and 4X-57mm
  • Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece WF10X
  • Total Magnification: 10X-40X
  • Articulated Free Binocular Head
  • Interpupillary Distance 55-75mm, 45°  Inclined
  • Illumination Top & Bottom Light 1W LED
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