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pH Indicator Test Strips (Bottle) - pH 0 -14

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pH Indicator Test Strips - pH 0 -14

This products contains one box of 150 plastic pH test strips. Each pH strip has four pieces of pH paper that will change color after being submerged in a solution. Each piece of pH paper has its own pH range and will change color accordingly. After submersion, the strips can then be compared against the color chart on the case to determine the pH. This method allows for fast and accurate pH readings. To further the reliability of our products we randomly test each shipment we receive across multiple pHs to ensure product quality and reliability.

pH 0-14 Full Range Test Strips - Increments by 1 pH unit

1. Dip the strip into the solution for half second, allow all panels to get wet and then remove from the solution. The color will change almost immediately.
2. Match panels to the pH diagram on the box to get the pH reading, pH ranges from 0-14 

Packing List:
1 Bottle(150x ph strips)

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