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Raybox Mirrored with accessories (Light & Optic Kit)

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Raybox Mirrored with accessories (Light & Optic Kit)

This kit is very useful for reflection, refraction and colour mixing experiments. The Mirrored Raybox (code: EDU528) consists of a light source (12V, 24W lamp) producing a convergent, divergent or parallel beam. On one end there is an adjustable cylindrical convex lens (for parallel beam) and a triple aperture system for colour mixing experiments at the other end. (Lateral aperture is provided with adjustable hinged mirror). All apertures in the box are provided with vertical channels to hold slit-plates and colour filters.

ESR23 Kit Includes 

  • Set of 5 Acrylic Blocks (Prisms):
    • rectangular,
    • semi-circular,
    • equilateral triangular - 60°×60°×60°,
    • triangular 90°×60°×30°
    • right angled triangular – 90°×45°×45°.

All blocks are free of optical imperfections and sharp edges.

  • Set of 3 Acrylic Cylindrical Lenses:
    • one double concave,
    •  one double convex (both having same radius of curvature)
    • one thick double convex.
  • Set of 3 mirrors – highly polished reflecting surfaces and free standing. Includes one each of
    • parabolic,
    • semi-circular
    • plane glass (mounted on stand)
  • Set of 2 slit plates, black –
    • one with three narrow slits and one narrow,
    • other with four narrow slits and onewide slit.
  • Set of 8 colour filters, mounted: 3 primary colours 5 secondary colours
    • red,
    • blue
    • green,
    • cyan,
    • violet,
    • orange,
    • yellow
    • magenta.
  • Set of 8 Coloured Cards: one each of
    • red,
    •  blue,
    •  green,
    •  violet,
    •  orange,
    •  Cyan
    •  Yellow
    • pink.

 All acrylic blocks and lenses, cylindrical and parabolic mirrors provided with finger grips, enabling their handling without touching their active optical surfaces. The bottoms of all refractive components are frosted to minimize internal reflections and revealing the path of light as it passes through.

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