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Serological Pipette PS Material

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Serological Pipette 

Serological pipettes are primarily used in the following laboratory processes including, mixing suspensions, combining reagents and chemical solutions, transferring cells for empirical analysis or expansion and layering reagents for creating higher density gradients.


  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Individually packed in easy to open peel-pack.
  • Black graduations, bright and unalterable.
  • Negative scale and double inverted scale (ascending and descending graduations).
  • Bonded filter to reduce contamination and negative graduations for extra volume.

Colour coded volumes:

  • Yellow - 1ml 
  • Green - 2ml 
  • Blue - 5ml
  • Orange - 10ml
  • Red - 25ml

Calibrated at, 20 degrees C in this case. If the fluid is at 20 degrees C the volume indicated at the lower side of the meniscus gives the accurate volume of the fluid.

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