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Sonometer, simple pattern

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Sonometer - Simple Pattern

Comprising a wooden baseboard 98 x 9 cm mounted on four feet. At one end of the base are two 50N. spring balances with hooks, and at the other end are two corresponding wrest pins. Also provided are three bridges, one large to span both wires and two small for the individual wires. Supplied with two steel wires of 30 SWG one meter long.

The Sonometer is used to detirmine the unknown frequency of a tuning fork, the tention T in the wire is kept constant and the vibrating lingth between the knife edge is adjusted, that the fundamental frequency of the wite becomes the same as that of the fork. To test this a small paper rider is placed on the wire midway between the knife edge where an antinode is formed.

The fork is set up into vibration and its stem is placed on the wooden box. THe length of the wire is adjusted till it vibrates in unison with the fork. When this happens, the centre of the vibrating wire vibrates with maximum amplification due to the resonance and the paper rider is thrown off.

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