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Human Histology slide set of 25

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Human Histology slide set of 25

Set of 25 microscope slides showing a varied cross section of human histology:

  • Cerebellum, section
  • Spinal cord, section
  • Nerve, TS and LS
  • Artery and vein, TS
  • Cardiac muscle,section
  • Lymph node, section
  • Spleen, section
  • Scalp, VS; Cervix, section
  • Oesophagus, section
  • Testis, section
  • Thyroid gland, section
  • Ileum, section
  • Skin, heavily pigmented section
  • Duodenum, section
  • Appendix, section
  • Colon, section
  • Pancreas, section
  • Liver, section
  • Kidney, section
  • Ovary, section
  • Uterus, section
  • Striated muscle, section
  • Mammary gland, section
  • Stomach, fundic portion, section

Useful knowledge of Prepared microscope slides

C.S. = Cross Section: slide shows a thin section through the transverse plane of an organism or tissue.
L.S. = Longitudinal Section: slide shows a vertical section of the organism along the longest plane.
C.S. & L.S. = Cross Section and Longitudinal Section on the same slide for comparison
W.M. = Whole Mount: slide shows an entire organism or structure, as indicated, is preserved on the slide


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