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LCD Digital Electronic Scale with Timer 5kg 0.1g

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LCD Digital Electronic Scale with Timer

The Scale has a LCD display with clear readings including a timing functions, low power reminding and overloading reminding. The scale has 4 units conversion: g, oz, lb. as well as 4 kinds of function key: ON/OFF, TARE, UNITS, START/STOP.

Material: Plastic
Power supply mode: 3 X AAA battery/USB Cable
The longest time: 99 minutes and 59 seconds (for hand-washed coffee time)
Maximum weighing: 5000g 
Minimum precision: 0.1g
Weight: 517G

Electronic balance calibration steps
1. Hold down the “UNIT” key, press the open key again, release the  “UNIT”key again, and press the “UNIT” key again. Do not release the open  key in this process. Then you go into calibration mode. 
2. The range  selection mode is displayed, press the “UNIT” key to select the  corresponding mode, and then press the key to confirm. 
3. The zero internal  code is displayed at this time. After confirming that the platform is not  loaded and leveled, press the key to confirm the zero. 
4. At this time,  100g is displayed and 100g weight is put on. The system will automatically  confirm 100g. 
5. Then 5000g is displayed, and 5kg weight is added. The  system will automatically confirm the 5kg mark and then display “PASS”  
NOTED:Put as much weight as the step 5 show

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