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Magnetic Stirrer Bar Set - Z Series

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Magnetic Stirrer Bar Set - Z Series

Polygon shaped magnetic stirring bars offers excellent characteristics, their interrupted profile provides greater surface area and added turbulence when compared to the smooth surface of cylindrical barsThis is a common type of stir bar and is suitable for various applications, usually with flat-bottomed vessels.

PTFE coated Alnico magnet with a thin and long cylindrical shape without a pivot ring


Stir bars are typically coated with PTFE, which can resist high temperatures and is generally chemically inert. For very high temperature applications, and applications where PTFE is not chemically compatible, there are glass-coated options available. These are also suitable for use with highly abrasive materials.

Magnetic Component

The magnetic component is typically made of ALCINO, an alloy of aluminium (Al), Nickel (Ni), and cobalt (Co), which is suitable for most applications. There are some stir bars available that use samarium cobalt, which will offer stronger coupling with the internal magnet of the stirrer and reduce the chance of the bar spinning out. These bars allow for greater torque and can be useful in applications where you have large volumes or high viscosity liquids.


  • Magnet Type: Alnico
  • Coating Type: PTFE
  • Shape: Long Polygong Shape – No Pivot ring
  • Set of 8
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