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Mini Vacuum Pump

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Mini Vacuum Pump

Small volume, variable volume electric vacuum pump that is powered by an 10W motor and can generate up to 0.06Mpa negative pressure. This specific model is fitted with a knob with which the user can set the pump speed. The bae has space for a liquid collection bottle or a Büchner flask (max 250mL). Larger capacity collection vessels can be connected to externally. The small pump is an excellent option for when vacuum is required when filtering substances.

Please not the connectors and tubing supplied with the pump is 6mm diameter suitable for the syringe filters. To connect to the tubulation socket of the glassware one would require a minimum of 7mm diameter. It is our recommendation to purchase 7mm diameter tubing as it will fit over the outer diameter of the syringe filter acting as an expansion adapter.


  • Model: VP - 6L
  • Type: Negative pressure suction
  • Control type: Digital display knob
  • Pumping rate: 6L / Min
  • Speed grade: 9
  • Ultimate vacuum: 0.06Mpa
  • Power  10W
  • Weight600g
  • Tubing: 6 mm diameter


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