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Vacuum Grease 100g

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Vacuum Grease 100g

Vacuum grease is a lubricant with low volatility and is used for applications in low pressure environments.

How To Grease Vacuum Joints
  1. Use a Pea-sized Dab of Grease. Many individuals do not know, and this is one of the main problems that can cause a leak when performing vacuum distillation.
  2. Evenly Spread the Grease.
  3. Gently Insert the Glassware.
  4. Twist the Joint Back and Forth Carefully.


  • Seal and lubricate chemical processing equipment
  • Lubricate plug valves, control valves, flow meter bearings, ceramic plug cocks and fire extinguisher valves
  • Maintain vacuum and pressure systems
  • Lubricate water-treating equipment
  • Lubricate synthetic rubber gaskets and seals in high-temperature applications
  • Lubricate laboratory equipment
  • Lubricate O-rings on binoculars and telescopes
  • Help prevent fogging of delicate lenses



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