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Worcester Circuit Board

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Worcester Circuit Board

Consists of a base board, complete with terminals, a set of metal connection pillars and a
number of clips on flexible connection strips and accessory units, enabling a wide variety of
electrical circuits to be constructed quickly and easily. The strips are so designed that when
flexed a little in the fingers, they are easily slipped over the pass which holds them firmly in
position and ensures a good electrical contact.

The following components are supplied with each board. 20 Flash lamp bulbs, 6 Connectors
with lamp holder, 6 Plain connectors, 1 Connector with rheostat, 1 Rectifier, 1 Resistor, 2
Flexible leads with 4mm plug and crocodile clip, 2 Flexible leads with crocodile clips, 2
Crocodile clips, 2 Mounted bell pushes, 2 Soft iron nails, 50mm Square head, 1 Length bare
copper wire 20 swg, 1 Length bare Eureka wire 34 swg, 1 Length plastic covered copper
wire 26 swg, Pencil leads, 1 Plastic disc, 1 LED, 1 Piece copper foil, 1 piece steel wool.

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